The Parmenion Investment Management team are amongst the best in the business, gaining industry recognition year-on-year for their 5 star investment solutions.

Our investment solutions

PIM offers the widest available range of risk-graded, managed portfolio solutions, using active or passive funds, or the best of both. Specific investor objectives are supported by growth, income, drawdown and ethical portfolios. Other fund managers’ solutions are also available.

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Risk framework

Our risk framework is designed to ensure that volatility rises sequentially with each successive risk grade, and our solutions can be mapped to the leading risk profiling tools. Our client-specific investment management report highlights how a portfolio recommendation is aligned to a client’s risk mandate, with full details of cost and portfolio construction.

Investment outcomes

Risk control is at the heart of our proven research process. For every investment solution, at every risk grade, our investment experts design and build portfolios to deliver the greatest return for the level of risk taken. Advisers can take confidence that no matter what investment approach their client selects, their investment outcome will fall within an appropriate range.