ESG, Ethical and Sustainable investing

Our ethical portfolios are designed to meet a wide spectrum of client views and values, providing the risk-adjusted returns and integrity that ESG minded clients require from their investments.

Some things to be aware of

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There’s no guarantee that models or funds will meet their objectives

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Ethical investing you and your clients can believe in

Since 2012, we’ve been leading the way in ESG-friendly, sustainable investments. With us, you can offer your clients a well-established and multi award winning ethical investment solution that you and your clients can believe in.

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A growing opportunity

Bringing ESG into your investment proposition can broaden your client base and strengthen your appeal to younger generations. Advisers are increasingly asking their clients about their views on climate change, sustainability and ethical preferences are part of their product suitability advice, seeing it a key part of their KYC obligations.2 - Millennials spurred growth in sustainable investing for years...

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One size won’t fit all

Demand for ethical investing has grown rapidly in recent years, as has the range of ethical investment styles. We make it simple by offering a choice of four active Ethical Profiles to cover the main styles of ethical investing. Each client will have their own personal views on ethical issues, so our profiles aim to capture a broad cross section of the investible universe, to suit a host of values and beliefs.

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Trusted, expert oversight

Our ethical solutions come with independent oversight from an experienced panel of ethical and ESG experts that play a critical role in helping us deliver to the requirements of our Ethical Profile mandates. These experts support our fund manager due diligence and providing expert challenge and guidance on our solutions, so you can be confident your client’s money is in the right place.

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Styles of ethical investing


Responsible investing has a broad consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance aspects with active voting and engagement.

Positive selection

Positive selection considers Environmental, Social and Governance purposes in the investment choice, with some contentious sectors excluded.


This style supports the transition to more sustainable behaviour, with an Environmental and Social focus.   

Negative screening

This means strict avoidance of contentious sectors across areas including environmental damage, human rights abuse, tobacco production and more.

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The investment process is not just choosing who’s out and who’s in. Investors can influence companies and help generate more positive ESG outcomes through engagement with senior management and proactive voting policies

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