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Take a look at our improved Investment Management Report

Investment Management Report

We’ve been acting on feedback from advisers and our commitment to continuous improvements to make our Investment Management Reports (IMRs) even better.

Available from 27th May, the new versions have been streamlined and enhanced in a number of ways:

  • clearer branding, with your firm’s logo at the top of the cover page
  • a new contents page outlining everything inside, with linked sections so you can skip straight to the information you need
  • prioritized information, with suitability and portfolio information up front
  • any duplicated portfolio information removed
  • a clearer view of regular withdrawals
  • more information on liquidity and cash

Where duplicated information has been removed, we’ve also reordered some sections to make the report more concise and help you draw out the details you need more quickly.

And of course, we’ve paid particular attention to making sure that all information on charges, performance and other important considerations is delivered in a clear and straightforward way.

Download a sample report

We’d love to know what you think

The new IMRs will be available from 27th May. Please take a look at the sample report for a preview of the changes coming. If you have any questions or feedback on our improvements, please email or talk to us on Live Chat.