Our People

Sarah Lyons Sarah Lyons Chief Marketing Officer
Bryan Hill Chief Operating Officer
Emma Thomas Chief Financial Officer
Steers Mark Steers Chief Distribution Officer
Tom Dudley Tom Dudley Chief Compliance Officer
Peter Peter Dalgliesh Managing Director, PIM
Simon Brett Chief Investment Strategist, PIM
Chris Falconer Head of Development
Clive Nayler Head of Intermediary Distribution
Mark Bonehill Head of Sales, Central
Sam Ardis Regional Sales Manager
Neal Smith Head of Sales, South West & Wales
Andrew Bailey Regional Sales Manager, South West and Wales
George Goodall Regional Sales Manager
David Beattie Regional Sales Director – London & South East
Ryan Bagnall Regional Sales Director - London & South East
Alan Ferguson Head of Sales (North)
Gordon Jackson Regional Sales Director
Paul Bowen Regional Sales Director
Michael Gouldthorp Regional Sales Manager
Ben Fowler Intermediary Partnership Director
David Woodburn Dave Woodburn Intermediary Partnership Director
Pat Patrick Ingram Head of Strategic Partnerships
Russell Pyne Russell Pyne Intermediary Programme Manager
Meera Hearnden Meera Hearnden Senior Investment Manager
Andrew Gilbert Senior Investment Manager
Abika Martin Abika Martin Investment Manager
Jasper Thornton-Boelman Investment Manager
Tim Willis Investment Manager



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