PIM Sterling

Built from very low risk, highly liquid assets, our Sterling solution is designed for low capacity for loss investing.

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Lower risk, higher liquidity

When your investment strategy needs an allocation to very low risk, highly liquid assets, PIM Sterling is a solution to consider.

Lower in risk than all Parmenion’s Risk Grade 1 portfolios, PIM Sterling is an alternative to any lower risk portfolio which might include bond funds. Bonds funds will have greater sensitivity to interest rate changes and therefore exhibit greater capital volatility than the shorter dated, money market investments allowed within this solution. It also contains no equities or other higher risk asset classes.

PIM Sterling might be appropriate for:

  • someone with a cautious attitude to risk
  • someone in retirement who wants to hold 6 months’ income immune to the risks of the equity market.
  • any investor wanting a risk buffer or an emergency fund.
  • an investor with a very short investment time horizon or who is uncertain when to commit to investing.

Charges & current yield

PIM Sterling charges are simple and transparent.

Current yield, before charges (as of August 2023): 5.20%

Annual investment charge (charged within underlying funds):0.12% p.a.
Discretionary management fee:0.05% p.a. (taken monthly)
Custody charge (for all assets in PIM Sterling): 0.20% p.a. (taken monthly)
No dealing charges.
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Sterling offers the opportunity to hold capital at low risk, with an appropriate return, ready for your next move.

Tim Willis
Investment Director

If you’d like to chat to us about our Sterling solution, or wider proposition, please get in touch