A closer look at our
award-winning range
of investment solutions

PIM Strategic Conviction

Steering your course between active and passive

Our flagship solution blends active and passive funds for the best of both worlds.

The Parmenion Investment Management (PIM) team select the blend of active and passive that offers the best value for money and, in their opinion, the greatest opportunity for relative outperformance on a month-to-month basis. The solution is based on a strategic asset allocation with 10 Risk Graded portfolios.

PIM Strategic Guardian

A fresh perspective on retirement

This solution is built to meet the specific challenges of drawdown.

Guardian takes a total return approach, with a focus on providing downside protection and liquidity, while allowing for some capital growth to sustain the portfolio through regular income withdrawals in retirement.

PIM Strategic Ethical Active

Reflecting your clients’ views and values

These portfolios offer a range of solutions for investors with ESG, Sustainable or Ethical preferences. They offer ten Risk Grades for each Ethical Profile, which vary from a positively orientated ESG and Sustainability approach, to a negatively screened traditional Ethical portfolio. The portfolios are regularly reviewed by our experienced independent Ethical Oversight Committee to ensure ongoing credibility.

PIM Sterling

Straightforward money market investing

PIM Sterling Solution offers advisers a portfolio of high-quality money market funds, which can be used for some or all investible capital, retained on a consistent platform for simple reporting. This solution is designed for cases where clients have a need for liquidity, or a low capacity for loss.

PIM Strategic Multi-Option

Tailor made investment journeys

Multi-Option has been designed to give advisers choice. It allows asset allocation to be tailored to suit a client’s needs, including the exclusion of particular asset classes. You can select either active or passive investment at each asset class level – say, for example, active for Emerging Market equity exposure, and passive for the US.

PIM Strategic Active

Demonstrating the value of active management

Built for investors who believe in the value of active management, our Strategic Active solution is made up of 6 asset classes including a unique “Global Alpha” asset class. This allows for some exposure to higher volatility funds where PIM believe they can deliver higher returns in key markets around the world.

PIM Tactical Active

Shorter-term opportunities for long term returns

Our Tactical Active solution uses a shorter-term market outlook of around 18 months to minimise risk and maximise return over the long term. Each quarter, PIM assess the potential future performance of each asset class, always mindful of the macro-economic picture, and position the portfolios accordingly, using exclusively active funds.

PIM Tactical Passive

Tracking our shorter-term market view

Our Tactical Passive solution uses the same shorter-term market outlook and subsequent positioning as its Active counterpart, but is, as its name suggests, made up entirely of passive funds.

PIM Tactical Income

Maximising the yield available

Our Tactical Income solution aims to deliver a high yield for the appropriate level of risk at each of 10 Risk Grades, for cases where income is the client’s primary objective.