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Improvements to Pension income dates

Automating pension payments in the post Pension Freedom world

In March 2018, Parmenion partnered with Altus Payment Gateway to provide a pensions payment payroll built specifically with pensioners in mind. We particularly wanted to help people enjoy flexible access to their pensions and make sure they are taxed in an appropriate way.

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Since then, we’ve halved the time it takes to withdraw a pension lump sum from 6 weeks to 3. The feedback we received was unanimously positive.

But our collaboration didn’t stop there

Earlier this year, we undertook customer research and found that clients preferred their pension withdrawal dates to be aligned to other products they held with us. We listened to these preferences and set out with Altus to improve our service further.

What’s changed?

Following some system enhancements we can now pay lump sum withdrawals more quickly than ever. Clients can expect to receive their Pension Withdrawal, net of income tax within 12 working days, the same time frame as for all our other products.

We have also aligned our regular withdrawals and SIPP regular income. These will now be paid on the 1st working day of each month, along with ISA and GIA regular income. This should help clients budget more efficiently, as all their investment income is paid into their account on the same day.

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Download our Pension Income Dates document to see the new paperwork deadlines and payment dates for each withdrawal option.



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