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AKG rates us B Strong

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So far 2022 has been a year of change and surprises. But despite these distractions, the regulatory and professional requirement to maintain due diligence records never wavers.

With a growing number of platform and DFM due diligence and research tools available, we’re always looking for ways to support our customers with this vital process.

Our 2021 Annual Report provides reassurance of our consistently high service standards and investment expertise. The new annual review from threesixty, the compliance and technical support consultancy, gives independent evidence on our key risk areas as a DFM.

And to offer another helping hand, we’ve commissioned both platform and DFM reports by independent consultancy AKG, having already achieved awards success in 2021 by being judged Money Marketing DFM of Year.

Platform strength rating maintained

For 10 years we held a B-Satisfactory platform strength rating from AKG. In 2021, our rating was upgraded to B-Strong. Since then, Parmenion has exited the Standard Life Aberdeen group, placing our focus as a standalone business on supporting independent financial advisers in creating their ideal centralised investment proposition. We’re delighted that after this major change, and our excellent financial results, our ‘B-Strong’ rating has been confirmed again.

Investment management strength rating maintained

AKG also make a separate DFM Strength assessment of Parmenion, where again we’re judged to be B-Strong.

Take a look at the reports

The AKG reports give you in depth analysis of how our business is managed and controlled.

In turbulent times, they can supplement the due diligence you carry out in the normal course of doing business, alongside our standard diligence materials available on the platform.

AKG Platform Report 2021

AKG DFM Report 2021


For further support in your due diligence process, please speak to your Regional Sales Manager, or our Distribution Development Director Ben Fowler on