Wrappers to suit your clients’ plans…

Match the right wrapper (or wrappers) to your clients by selecting from our GIA, ISA and SIPP, our junior options, or our partnerships with leading SIPP, SSAS, offshore and onshore bond providers.

For financial advisers only

The wrappers you need


Allows your clients to hold the range of investment solutions we offer, in a tax-efficient wrapper. And with Auto-Bed & ISA, automatically utilise your clients’ ISA allowance by selling existing investments in their GIA to top it up.


Launched in 2014, the Parmenion SIPP is a cost-effective and richly featured pension wrapper, suitable for every phase of clients’ financial planning journeys.


Allows your clients to invest outside of tax wrappers, with no upper limit on investment. May be an option once clients have used up their ISA allowance, or for those with requirements to hold investments as a corporation or trust.

Junior ISA

Lets your clients build a tidy nest egg on behalf of a child, accessible when they turn 18 (ISA), with any investment growth tax-free.

Junior SIPP

Like our Junior ISA, lets clients build a retirement pot on behalf of a child, accessible when they retire (SIPP), with any investment growth tax-free.


Third party

As well as our own ISA, GIA and SIPP, clients can also invest tax-efficiently via a wide range of third-party SIPPs, SSASs, and onshore and offshore bonds.

When Pension Freedoms transformed retirement planning in the UK, we set ourselves the challenge of building a SIPP with a seamless user experience and rich feature set

Diane Jones
Parmenion SIPP Technical Product Manager