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“Our partnership with Parmenion has provided the investment proposition we wanted”

Our partnership with Parmenion means we are able to focus on building long-term relationships with our clients; providing excellent client service at all times. We can now spend our time on financial planning instead of fund selection and performance, which is time consuming and this is time that could be spent with clients.

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“We can offer a high quality investment solution, at a reasonable cost and deliver it on a large scale”

After reviewing a significant number of DFM solutions, Parmenion was the one that we knew could provide us with the greatest efficiency gain for our business. It was also the most cost effective, so the cost and time savings within the business have been significant.

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“Parmenion allows us to outsource without losing control”

Partnering with Parmenion has meant we can outsource to a DFM yet maintain control of our investment proposition. It gives us the best of both worlds and we have joint oversight of investment decisions.

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“Parmenion has enabled us to become more efficient”

It has enabled us to significantly reduce the time spent on our operational processes and meant we can focus more resources on delivering additional value to our clients. In short, we have become more efficient and have reduced the level of risk we previously had within our business.

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“Parmenion offers cost efficiency and the ability to run a more profitable business”

We chose Parmenion when we were looking to streamline our investment management process. We have benefited from cost and time saving which means we can run our business more efficiently and profitably. Parmenion is part of our main proposition and one of our preferred solutions.

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“Parmenion has helped us to de-risk our business”

Our main challenge was time. Time was spent trying to keep on top of information and operational processes, paperwork and dealing with product providers. This was all at the expense of time spent with clients.

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