About Parmenion

“I have transferred one of my pensions to Parmenion…this was a very easy process and very intuitive”

I have transferred one of my pensions to Parmenion, and with no training this was completed in 10/15 minutes and all the paperwork came in one print. Compared to most platforms this was a very easy process and very intuitive.


Richard Wakem, Buchanan & Associates

“Client portal is very good and has won business for us

We wanted a smoother investment management process, with ease in processing applications from start to finish. With Parmenion, business is easier to conduct and it is technologically driven which fits the way we do business. We have our own app and clients click on the Parmenion logo, log in and go through to their valuations. It works really well.

The Premier Partnership

”In sourcing to de-risk our investment provision

Our key challenge was keeping abreast of all of the information that we had to check, to make sure that we select suitable investments. With Parmenion as DFM, we have managed to de-risk our business in terms of investment advice.

We can focus on the client relationship, working at the strategic level, getting the right asset allocation and not worrying about anything thereafter, such as fund selection and management. The variety of online options available mean that we add more value to what we do for the clients.

We have been able to make things simpler for clients, it’s that dilemma of are we doing enough or too much. Clients don’t want to see too much paper and paperwork. They want to know that there is a system and that it works. Parmenion helps us to do this.” a big efficiency gain for our business…”

Bailey Beaumont Financial Services

“Outsourcing to a DFM with no loss of control

We wanted to move from an advisory to a discretionary service without losing control of the investment proposition. Parmenion offered a halfway house; outsourcing but with joint oversight of our investment proposition. Other platforms could not offer this.

They support the business in terms of research and the online systems have improved our efficiency. Clients like the online access portal and appreciate that investments are managed on a consistent basis behind the scenes. They are also pleased to be receiving less paperwork.

We have a unique structure with Parmenion, which we have tried to replicate with a number of other platforms, but no-one else can do it. We have been able to move to a DFM service with no loss of control.” the investment proposition that we wanted…”

Becketts Financial Services

“A big efficiency gain for our business

The model portfolios we were running on wraps were not an efficient solution in terms of adviser and administrator time. Parmenion has cut down on this wasted time and we have entire control of the solutions, so there is no mismatch between clients’ expectation and reality.

The service is first class and surprisingly quick and easy because the technology is very good. Our staff universally say that they prefer doing portfolios on the Parmenion platform more than any other and we have the ability to sleep at night and not worry about administration problems and errors.

We are able to offer a high quality investment solution at very reasonable cost, which we can deliver on a very large scale without a lot more administrators.”

Fiveways Financial Planning